Orgone Pendants, and Sculptures

Pioneering the alchemy of orgone engineering since 2003

Orgonix has been creating fine orgone pendants, sculptures and energy tools for more then a decade.

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orgone Wall Art

The “Time in Form” series was revealed in May of 2014. This collection of the largest orgone sculptures ever created draws inspiration from the world of Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism.

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One of a kind inspired creations

Orgonix specializes in making world class and unique works of orgone Art.

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Sacred Geometry orgone Pendants

Orgonix orgone employs the use of Sacred Geometry, Orgone Theory, Astrology and Synchronomancy to craft exceptionally high quality works of art and energy.

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Powerful Charging Plates and Coasters

Infuse anything with positive orgone energy using one of our many styles of orgone charging plates.

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orgone inspired by the great mysteries of the World

Always seeking new methods of expressions, Orgonix orgone uses Sacred Geometry, natural Earth crystals, and precious metals to make fine energetic tools for enhancing the flow of life energy.

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Orgonix23: Pushing the Envelope of orgone Creations

Thank you for checking out our site. Here you will find our orgone art in all shapes and sizes. For the last 13 years we have been dedicated to pushing the envelope in what orgone can be. We are constantly striving to make our orgone more effective in dampening EMF waves while emitting a clean and positively charged life energy field.

At Orgonix we draw inspiration from the world of sacred geometry, ancient wisdom teachings, cutting edge scientific breakthroughs and more. We pride ourselves on crafting the finest orgone with the highest quality materials available. Check out products page and our Etsy store for what has been cooking in the Whitestar orgone studio. We also have a news/blog to share some of our recent adventures. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions and enjoy our new website.

~ Branch Ellison

Owner, Designer, Craftsman, orgone Alchemist


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About orgone

orgone is used for energetic purification and for dampening harmful EMF waves.  orgone helps environmental regeneration by amplifying the healing vibration qualities and frequency of natural Earth crystals. Orgonix specializes in crafting beautiful orgone sculptures and pendants that are commonly used for enhancing energy work, meditation, chakra therapy, energizing food and growing dynamic gardens.

Orgone Accumulator

Properly made, orgone acts as a Positive Orgone Radiation (POR) generator. Dead Orgnoite Radiation (-DOR) is absorbed and is transformed into POR. Quartz crystal in each piece of orgone act as a tuning forks to the Earths vibration. As the crystals were created in the Earth over thousands of years, each one has an energetic signature that is in harmonic resonance with the Earth vibration. This is a positive vibration and one that supports evolution and consciousness among all living things. Therefore, when the orgone generator encounters an imbalance, the crystal’s vibration works to bring about a harmony of energies through the laws of vibration.

Crystal Element

Regardless  of how or what the crystal element does to an orgone accumulator,  it is obvious that the crystal is the ”secret ingredient” for  making it into a POR generator.  Different crystals will also  add a little bit of their own special qualities to the orogne device.  It appears that some crystals have metaphysical properties  attached to them (i.e. rose quartz has a warm, heart energy to it)  and these properties seem to be enhanced inside an orgone accumulator. Whatever crystal is added to an orgone device has its energetic properties amplified.