Orgone tools can be used to create a  positive etheric environment for sentient beings to thrive and evolve in.  Tower busters are the first step.  Use tower busters to create an orgone grid in and around your home.  Place one in each corner of your house.  Place one on each corner of your property.  Place on water heaters, electrical boxes and refigerators.  Create a grid that extends throughout your neighborhood and town and see how far your can get it.

Important Targets

Cell phone towers and power stations are major components to the technospheric grid of the planet. All AC current runs on a frequency of  60 hertz.  This is a vibration that is 2-4 times that of our brain waves and the frequency that our bodies resonate at naturally.  Orgone tools neutralizes the harmful dead orgone radiation that emanates from 60 hertz AC current.  Cell phone towers are another problem.  It is possible to adjust the frequency that emanates from cell phone towers into the frequency range of the human brain interfering with its natural functioning.  Gift every cell phone tower in your town with a TB's or HHG's to reverse the harmful effects of their electrical pollution and manipulation.  

In the Home

Energize your food and your water with Orgone tools.  Charging discs are great for placing underneath food and water to give them a dose of positive orgone radiation.  I also use a dome enhancer when I am cooking with a pot that has a lid that I can rest it on.  It's a wonderful little trick to make the food taste and feel better.  Orgone tools are also helpful to have in your creative spaces; on desks, alters, in studios, all are wonderful homes for Orgone tools.  By your bed is a good place for restful nights and lucid dreams.  Any physical activity in your bedroom will also be enhanced.

In the Garden

A HHG is great for growing dynamic gardens.  Place or bury in your garden.  My brother and his friends own an organic farm in Trampas, New Mexico.  We placed TB's all around their feilds and next to their irragation ditches.  The veggies that they grow are the best in the state.  If your in Santa Fe at the Farmer's Market, look for Gemini Farms. Say “hi” to everyone for us.

In a Vortex

There are many vortex's all around us.  Most churches are built on vortexes because they we  already identified as places of power by the native Americans.  It was easy to highjack the energy of that vortex by building a church over it.  Some of the most powerful placement of Orgone tools are in a vortex.  If you know of a vortex where you live then gift it with Orgone tools.  The results will speak for themselves.


Blessing Water

I use my pendant to bless water and change it with positive orgone energy.  Simply take your pendant and hold it over the opening of the container.  I like to say a prayer to myself, whatever feels right at the time, usually something like, ”may this water be charged with positive life energy.”  

Chakra Therapy

If you need to relax, calm down, or just get a boost, lay down and place a orgone generator over your heart center.  Notice any tension that may be stored in your body and visualize it transforming into a violet light.  See your auric field brightening with every deep, relaxing breath.  Visualize any physical aliments, feelings, or thinking that need to be uplifted being absorbed into your heart center and returning to the rest of your aura as violet light.  Do this every night before your sleep. and when you wake up.


Do your own experiments to see how Orgone tools works it's magic.  Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) is an experiment you can do anywhere when you have some orgone  with you.  Information on how to do muscle testing is easily found on the internet with some great video examples on Youtube.com.

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