Orgone Pendants, and Sculptures

Highest quality Gemstones and Crystals

The energetic properties of each gemstone become amplified when cast into an orgone pendant

orgone pendants crafted with masterful precision.

Every pendant is smooth as marble with a high gloss finish.

Designs that resonate with the wisdom of the Soul

Sacred symbols carry energies that transcend time.

The Benefits of orgone

Protection from Electrical Pollution

Providing protection from electrical pollution and negative astral energy. Each pendant utilizes high quality crystals to change the frequency and vibrations around us.  Depending on the type of crystal and the composition of the orgone material it is cast with (metal/resin), each pendant will have its own “feeling” and qualities.   Orgonix Orgone pendants work to transform detrimental negative energies like EMF, ELF, and Microwave into a more balanced state that healthy living tissue can tolerate.

Boost Mental Clarity and Physical Vitality

Prolonged mental clarity are noticeably increased when wearing an orgone pendant, as are physical stamina. As many people have discovered and stand by, they are very beneficial.   We are living in a world where electrical pollution is at an all time high.  Cell phone towers are located everywhere, even in the countryside.  Meanwhile, everyone has a cellular phone on their bodies. Overhead, we have 60 hertz power lines strangling our cities, and radio waves vibrate everywhere.  More and more people are looking up to see “chem-trails” polluting the sky.  Electrical pollution effects us nearly everywhere we go.  Orgonix Orgone pendants are the product of more than 11 years of experimentation.

orgone Pendants

orgone Charging Plates & Coasters

Orgonix Charging Plates

Enhancing food and beverages with life enrgy.

Revitialize your water with positive life energy

Charging plates harness the energy of quartz crystals and minerals.

Utilizing the harmony of Sacred Geometry and Crystals

Each plate is a custom work of art.

Many Styles of Charging Plates are available

We offer a wide choice of styles including the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube and the Sri Yantra.

Charging Food & Water to Increase Chi

20140702_160825These devices are designed to make the food and water you place on them taste better and give you more Chi Energy. The method is simple. Take whatever you want to energize and place it on the disc for a short period of time ( 5 – 25 minutes ). It can make wine that has been opened for a while taste like it was new. Medications and seeds can also be enhanced after sitting on an charging disk. Water is the susceptible to the charging plates effect. Water is structured to hold more life energy after resting with charging disc for a few minutes. This is great for you.

Water Crystal Programming

Through crystal programming, we can structure water to obtain maximum harmony and synergy with our bodies. The best way to transfer this energy is through spinning water over a disc so that the water molecules can get structured into a similar harmonic geometry. Once the water is changed, it should be enjoyed as a sacred gift, the Water of Life.

Crystal Specific Frequencies

Depending on what types of crystals are used, different frequencies are achieved. For example, to build an awareness of dreams, we can use labradorite in the disc. For example, labradorite will provide more astral awareness in dreams due to it being a feldspar.It is an excellent example of a stone that can change the color of light, just like our pineal glands change astral light into the images of our dreams.

orgone Charging Plates & Coasters

orgone Custom Creations and Crystals

orgone Wall Art

Luminite Crystal

orgone Tower Busters

Tower Busters are the most effective way to clean up any environment from electrical radiation.  Because of their simple and convenient design, TB’s can easily be used to grid your home, property, and community.  Our TB’s are made with various metal shavings and one double terminated Tibetan quartz crystal. The Tibetan quartz we use are of high quality and greatly increase the effectiveness of the Tower Buster ability to clean up electrical pollution.

Tower Busters can also be used to grid your home and your property.  The best way to do this is to place one at the each corner of your house and then each corner of your land.  All cell phone towers that are within a couple miles of you should be “gifted” with some form of orgone purifying device as these towers are the source of massive amounts of DOR (dead orgone radiation).  ELF Waves, Microwaves, and 60 hertz frequencies are harmful to nature and should be neutralized with energy transforming orgone generators.  The shift that takes place after transforming these energies speaks for itself.

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