Pioneering the Alchemy of Orgone Creation since 2003

Orgonix has been creating fine orgone pendants, sculptures and energy tools for more 17 years.

One of a Kind Creations. Order your Custom Pendant Today.

Orgonix specializes in making world class and unique works of Orgone Art.

Orgone Wall Art

The “Time in Form” series launched in May of 2014. This collection of the largest orgone sculptures ever created and draws inspiration from the world of Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism.

Sacred Geometry Pendants

Orgonix Orgone is a leader in the world of exceptionally high quality works of art and energy.

Powerful Charging Plates and Coasters

Infuse anything with positive Orgone energy using one of our many styles of Orgonix Orgone charging plates.

Orgone inspired by the great mysteries of the World

Always seeking new methods of expressions, Orgonix orgone uses Sacred Geometry, natural Earth crystals, and precious metals to make fine energetic tools for enhancing the flow of life energy.

Exploring The Alchemy of Orgone Creations

     For the last 17 years we have been dedicated to pushing the envelope in what orgone can be. We are constantly striving to make our orgone products more effective in dampening EMF waves while emitting a clean and positively charged life energy field.

     At Orgonix, we draw inspiration from the world of sacred geometry, ancient hermetic wisdom teachings, cutting edge scientific breakthroughs and more. We pride ourselves on crafting the finest orgone with the highest quality materials available. Check out products page and our Instagram feed (@branchellison) for what has been cooking in the White Wolf Casting Lab, studio to Orgonix.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions and enjoy our new website.

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