Mini Metatron Cube with Opal and Moonstone


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Orgonix Orgone Pendants provide protection from electrical pollution and negative astral/psychic energies. Each pendant utilizes high quality crystals to alter the vibrations surrounding the person wearing the pendant. Depending on the kinds of crystals and the design of the pendant, each one will have its own “feeling” and qualities.

This pendant is cast in Noble Shungite (which is 99% C60/70 – Fullerenes – Carbon Buckyballs) with crushed Tibetan Quartz and 23.5K Gold Leaf. The detailed geometry is cast in a Brass powder with glow dust. It is accented with an inlay of Jasper, Sugalite, Turquoise and Lapis.

The gemstone grid is made with one A+ Welo Opal, 6 Australian Opals and 6 teardrop Moonstones.

Metatron’s Cube resonates with the highest force that can be imagined throughout all of creation. The design of 13 interlocking circles supersedes all other geometries including the Flower of Life and includes the five platonic solids in its layout. Metatron is the First Angel in the Tree of Life. In other traditions, Metatron is the “Scribe of God.”

This design aligns the personal will to the divine plan.

Embodying this symbol opens doors of perception to deep and profound levels of self discovery.

Glows front and has Tesla Coil on the back.

Made to order and by hand in Grass Valley, California by B. Ellison who has over 17 years experience making Orgone Energy Tools and Products.


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