September 26, 2007

Yellow Crystal Warrior

Labradorite, Selenite and Tigers Eye w/ silver Roerich, steel shavings and copper dust UK Chembuster Spectacular Protection Pendant for Joshua Special collection of custom charging discs Chinese Zodiac Pendant cast with Kyanite and three DT Tibetians with gold and silver leaf

August 16, 2007

Blue Planetary Eagle

Harmonic Convergence and Beyond

Twenty years ago today 144,000 Sun dancers greeted the dawn in meditation and prayer. I was only seven at the time and knew nothing about Mayans, enlightenment, or 2013. At 27 years old I ponder the significance of the harmonic convergence, the state of the world, and the journey towards 2013 daily. It is amazing how close we are to throwing off the shackles of our limited material perceptions and opening our awareness to the true multidimensional nature of our being.

Very exciting indeed.

Orgone is a great thing to have in your life and we are so happy to make it easily available to everyone. It is true that you can save the world one Tower Buster at a time. Also, thanks again for your support, we have been busier than ever lately. There has been a lot of interest in the protection pendants so I wanted to go into a little more detail about them.

The real magic of the pendant is in the double terminated crystal that rests in the center of it. The archetypal geometry of a dt crystal is a hologram of the universe in it’s entirety. It allows for a smooth energy transfer through the top and bottom points. We use copper powder, steel shavings, and leafing of gold and silver to mix in with the resin for orgone conductivity. This would be fine by itself but I have found that having a mix of small crystals that activate each one of the chakras really makes the pendant more whole and complete. I also put a copper tesla coil of various color ( the color for personal taste ) in the front to aid in circulating the chi energy. After the casting, and getting charged up in a pyramid, and infused with intention, every pendant gets a nice polishing.

I also want to put out there again that custom SP orders are welcome. Here are some pics of one recently completed. The quartz crystal is a wonderful 5 inch point with two blades of kyanite around it. I used to make frequency generators, but they take so much time to make from just Radio Shack parts that it’s really hard to do these days. I recommend everyone to who needs a generator to power their SP’s, you can get one for $35.00 and it can be used as a zapper (what a deal!)

Also if you want to get a pyramid, contact me and I’ll give you the skinny on them.

A prayer for today…

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness

May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

May they know the true happiness that is sorrowless

May they be free from attachment to some and aversion to others and know the great impartiality of life.

Enjoy your Harmonic Convergence

and take back your reality!

In Lak’ech everyone

July 31, 2007

Blue Resonant Storm

Orgone Production

We are finally back home again and in full orgone production mode. It feels great to be pouring again after a month long break. I am very excited about the rest of the summer and the time it affords to make orgone in the nice hot sun. As always, I feel like the site is way behind on what we are up to. Like the non-existent Chakra Dome page ( hopefully up soon) above is a little sneak peak.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been some great things that have happened in the world that you didn’t hear about in the 12:60 news. Everyday our planet vibration increases despite the media’s attempts to keep everyone scared and stupid. On the 25th of July was the Day out of Time, the 13 Moon Calendar annual day of forgiveness and celebration. On this day is held an annual telepathic experiment in meditation and visualization for peace, healing and activating the noosphere; the telepathic mental envelope of the planet. Unlike “fire the grid,” ( a bogus NWO event ) the DOT is a geniune spiritual event every year to connect us all telepathically. That’s where our evolution is going; telepathy. The Venus transits of 04′ and 12′ is all about this communication “upgragde.” On the 26th of July, the Sun (Kinich Ahua) and the binary star system Sirius, rose together in the morning sky beginning another 13 Moon year. On the 27th of July, was the 28th syncronic return of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that called for 144,000 Sundancers to unite and pray for peace. This was the first world wide meditation and the fulfillment of the prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells of Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl. The Supernova 1987A was another sign of this fulfillment. The 20th annual anniversity of this event is coming up on Aug 16-17, I recommend taking a little time out of our busy days to reflect on the possibility of peace in this world and what that peace would look and feel like. Our thoughts create our reality and we are all waking up to the power of our collective visualizations and prayers. We can all draw strength and energy from the efforts made in the past for peace and enlightenment.

btw, on average every 23rd wave crashing to shore is twice as large as the average wave.

a little word about conspiracy because it comes up a lot…

Prayer, meditation and prophecy are great tools we can use to balance the mind consuming nature of the world ”conspiracy.” J. Edgar Hoover said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” Nowadays, this conspiracy is becoming clearer everyday in the news and in world events. Many people who come to us with questions about orgone energy have already been exposed to it. It can be easy to let this thing consume your entire mind. The ”conspiracy” becomes all we think about. It’s also easy to blame our own problems on it. Making and distributing orgone is an effective way to challenge those who conspire for their own greedy agenda. orgone makes the world a little brighter. It’s each persons’ responsiblity to exercise control over their own minds and not to feed this conspiracy mentally. Wouldn’t it be better if that energy was put into visualizing a world where everyone was spiritually empowered, healed, and healthy? Polish your mind like a diamond and you can cut through anything.

July 3, 2007

Blue Overtone Monkey

Traveling & Spreading Orgone Creations

Roxy and I have been on the road for some time now. It feels great to be traveling together and spreading our orgone creations in the world. Creating Orgonix , working with crystals, educating people about what is possible with the power of intention, crystals, sacred geometry, the heart and dreams, is the life for us. Living with the Dreamspell makes it all the more magical. The flags you see on our booth are the 20 solar tribes originated by the Maya a long time ago. I painted them three years ago on Maui, in the 13th moon of the year. We are in the 13th moon now. Each 13 Moon/28 day year starts with the conjunct rising of the star Sirius, and our star, Kinich Ahua, on July 26. On the 25th of July is the Day Out of Time. A free day for peace and forgiveness. We are doing a show in Nevada City that day. Come down if you can. I also plan to build an incredible piece of orgone art that day; the 3rd in my Bolontiku series which I plan to write more about later.

Many thanks to our new retailers who we met at INATS, we look forward to sharing our craft with you. And blessings to everyone at INATS, especailly Aum Rak, Jory, Charna, Andrew, Cynthia, Sandy, Ron, Dave, and Woody. While at the show, I found some great crystals for future creations. Moldavite is one of them.

Moldavite came into my life at the Harmony Festival when my friend Thomas, the Self Existing Moon, gave me a small nugget of the translucent green tektite. I soon felt translucent myself, happy and relaxed. Since then, I’ve had it in my pocket with some of my other small crystal friends. The moldavite defiantly activates the heart chakra and brings forth the tests that we need to face in ourselves for growth to take place. I feel it is a worthy stone for making into an Orgonix pendant, though I feel that it should be respected and approached with sincerity and openness towards change, growth, and confronting one’s own karma. Thanks Thomas for that.

Everyone at Harmony was great, thanks for a wonderful time!

Roxy and I are still coming down from the fun we had at the Taos Solar Fest. WE LOVE TAOS! The moment we rolled into town a wonderful feeling of peace came over us. We gifted Taos years ago and their are many gifters there as well. We immediately met Dave, the director of the event and not only did he help us set up, but was kind and friendly the entire time, even under lot’s of stress; Dave you’re the best! There were so many inspiring moments for us, but the best one had to have been meeting Micheal Franti after the show. It has always been our hope to give him a big hug for all the loving energy he pours out everyday; what an inspiration! We gave him an Orgonix Massage Dome and a little sample. Thanks again Micheal!

Hello to everyone we met at the Solar Music Fest; Anna, Jon, Jim & Bard, Jack, Noah, Avi (thanks again for the amazing flute), Alex, Evan, Gavin w/ Conscious Alliance, Craig, Lynn, Katlin, D, Diana w/ BBB, James at the Emerald Earth, and anyone I forget for whom there was a connection.

While at the INATS, show we did a before and after aura photo of me getting a 15 minute massage with some of the chakra massage domes. Such a big change in such a short time! We are really happy with them, the domes feel great and you don’t really have to know what you are doing to give an excellent massage. Also, we could not have done this show with out Lorence, a kind and wise vision holder for the Natural Time Calendar Change Peace Movement. For many years now, Lorence has been making great 13 Moon calendars and raising awareness about the benefits of living in a 13:20, natural time frequency.

Here’s a picture of the Multi-Crystal Massage dome on the palm pad of the Kirlian camera. Beautiful blue aura. This is always a surprise to the Photographers who take these photos for us. Other inanimate objects never have an aura show up.

While in Denver and Santa Fe, we got to hang out with Nick Edwards who makes the pyramids you see on our website. We use them for everything from sleeping under, too charging water! Nick has had some great experiences with the power of pyramids in his life, it was a joy to hear about them. At Taos, I demonstrated how a pyramid can change the flavor of water to whatever fruit you put inside of it. In the photo we are using organic bananas.

We have one more show in Santa Fe at the Artist’s Market and then we will be back in GV. As always, we look forward to hearing from everyone known and yet to be known. Blessings Be.

In Lak’ech