orgone is a device that uses alternating  layers of organic and non-organic materials which then encases a quartz crystal.   The encased quartz crystal becomes pressurized and has its energetic properties amplified.  Under pressure, quartz crystals can become “piezoelectric”.  This allows them to conduct and interact with ambient electrical radiation.  
20150508_164940_resized_1The vibrational frequency of a quartz crystal is very slow and has been tuned to the energy field of the Earth over thousands of years.
Quartz crystals have a consciousness of their own, they can heal and they can grow.  Scientist have also discovered that quartz can also store memory in vast amounts.  
We are just starting to really learn what this incredible and abundant material can do.  orgone is one more chapter in the amazing story of quartz crystals.     

Lattice structure of quartz crystal showing arrangement of Silicon and Oxygen

Orgonix23: Expanding orgone as a medium of electromagnetic purification and synchronicity amplifiers since 2003.

Wonderful uses for orgone

orgone can be used to create a positive environment for any living thing to thrive and evolve within.  Creating a grid with simple orgone devices is the first step.  You
can use tower busters to create an positive IMG_6142orgone grid in and around your home.  Place one in each corner of your house.  Place one on each corner of your property.  Place on water heaters, electrical boxes and refigerators.  Create a grid that extends throughout your neighborhood and town and see how far your can get it.

Important Targets

Cell phone towers and power stations are major components to the technospheric grid of the planet. All AC current runs on a frequency of  60 hertz.  This is a vibration that is 2-4 times that of our brain waves and the frequency that our bodies resonate at naturally.  Orgonix orgone devices neutralizes the harmful dead orgone radiation that emanates from 60 hertz AC current.  Cell phone towers are another problem.  It is possible to adjust the frequency that emanates from cell phone towers into the frequency range of the human brain interfering with its natural functioning.  Gift every cell phone tower in your town with a TB’s or HHG’s to reverse the harmful effects of their electrical pollution and manipulation.

In the Home

Energize your food and your water with orgone devices.  Charging discs are great for placing underneath food and water to give them a dose of positive orgone radiation.  I also use a dome enhancer when I am cooking with a pot that has a lid that I can rest it on.  It’s a wonderful little trick to make the food taste and feel better.  orgone devices are also helpful to have in your creative spaces; on desks, alters, in studios, all are wonderful homes for orgone.  By your bed is a good place for restful nights and lucid dreams.  Any physical activity in your bedroom will also be enhanced.

In the Garden

A HHG is great for growing dynamic gardens.  Place or bury in your garden.  My brother and his friends own an organic farm in Trampas, New Mexico.  We placed TB’s all around their feilds and next to their irragation ditches.  The veggies that they grow are the best in the state.

In a Vortex

There are many vortex’s all around us.  Most churches are built on vortexes because they have already been identified as places of power by the Native Americans.  It was easy to highjack the energy of that vortex by building a church over it.  Some of the most powerful placement of orgone devices are in a vortex.  If you know of a vortex where you live then gift it with orgone.  The results will speak for themselves.

Blessing and Purifing Water

I use my pendant to bless water and change it with positive orgone energy.  Simply take your pendant and hold it over the opening of the container.  I like to say a prayer to myself, whatever feels right at the time, usually something like, ”may this water be charged with positive life energy.”

Chakra Therapy

If you need to relax, calm down, or just get a boost, lay down and place a orgone device over your heart center.  Notice any tension that may be stored in your body and visualize it transforming into a violet light.  See your auric field brightening with every deep, relaxing breath.  Visualize any physical aliments, feelings, or thinking that need to be uplifted being absorbed into your heart center and returning to the rest of your aura as violet light.  Do this every night before your sleep. and when you wake up.


Do your own experiments to see how orgone works it’s magic.  Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) is an experiment you can do anywhere when you have some orgone  with you.  Information on how to do muscle testing is easily found on the internet with some great video examples on YouTube.

Why Orgonix?

We liked the word “Orgonix”, for describing the matrix of an orgone device so we named this little venture after it.  We added  the number “23” to “Orgonix” for our website  URL because of the specialness that 23 has for us and for its own magical properties.

orgone is used for energetic purification, disrupting harmful electrical waves, and for environmental regeneration. Orgonix specializes in crafting beautiful orgone sculptures and pendants that are commonly used for enhancing energy work, meditation, chakra therapy, energizing food and growing dynamic gardens.   We hope that you decide to hold your own experiments, and perhaps join the network of people who are making the world a better place to be in with orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich

During his time, Wilhelm Reich was targeted by many people as  a threat.  Around the time Reich was revealing his findings about orgone, pharmaceutical company’s were developing a vision  for the future.  This future revolved around the idea of “patient  management.”  Patient management is based on reactive medicine;  prescribing a drug to fix an ailment.  Reactive medicine meant  big profits for drug company’s because everyone would constantly be rely on a medication for their illnesses.

Reich’s research and understanding into orgone energy greatly undermined the pharmaceutical paradigm and shook up many dogmatic points of view.  One of his inventions, the orgone accumulator box, has been credited to curing people of various cancers.  Reich also spoke out against fascism and  how governments use fear to manipulate people.

Discovery and History of Orgone

Learning about orgone energy begins with Wilhelm Reich.  According to Wikipedia:

Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957)  was an Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and a member  of Sigmund Freud’s inner circle. A respected analyst and writer  in  his time, he became best known for what he said was the  discovery  of a physical energy that permeated the atmosphere  and all living  matter. He called the energy “orgone,” and built “orgone accumulators” to detect and harness  it for its health benefits, including cures for the common cold,  impotence,  and cancer.  His views on orgone were not  accepted by  the mainstream scientific community, but his contributions  to the  history of psychotherapy and personality theory continue  to  exert influence. Reich was living in Germany when Hitler  came to power. As a Je
w, and
condemned by the Nazis as a communist,  he realized he was in danger and hurriedly  left for Scandinavia,  before moving to the United States in 1939.  In 1947, following  a series of critical articles about orgone in The New
Republic and  Harper’s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) began an investigation  into his claims, and won an injunction against  the interstate  sale of orgone accumulators. Charged with contempt  of court  for violating the injunction, Reich conducted his own defense,  which  involved sending the judge all his books to read. He was sentenced  to two years in prison. In August 1956, several tons of his  publications were burned by the FDA.  He died of heart failure  in jail just over a year later, shortly before he was due to apply for parole.

Reich’s Work

You can read about Reich’s experiments  and findings of orgone in many of his books.  The general premise  is that there is “life energy” all around us.  The restriction of this energy is what causes emotional “armoring” which can lead to many physical and psychological problems.  The existence  of a universal life energy is nothing new to the mystics of the  East, but Reich was one of the first people in the West to show  scientific findings that supported this theory. Orgone energy can  be healthy and vitalizing (called POR or positive orgone radiation)  or it can be harmful (called DOR or dead orgone radiation).  Reich  discovered that by combining organic and inorganic materials together,  he could create an orgone accumulator; a device that would absorb  whichever orgone radiation was nearby.  The materials for an  orgone accumulator could be a combination of wood and steel wool,  steel wool and cotton, or most recently thanks to Don Croft’s discovers,  resin and metal shavings.  Reich style orgone accumulators  had to be used very carefully because they could attract massive  amounts of DOR which could be very harmful to one’s health.

Many people continued to explore and develop Reich’s research into orgone energy, but it wasn’t until Don Croft  came along that a major breakthrough in orgone accumulating devices  was made.  That breakthrough was creating an orgone  accumulator with a twist; introducing a quartz crystal inside of  it.

Tower Busters and Holy Hand Grenade Tutorial

How to Make Your Own orgone
Materials NeededThe Procedure
Making orgone is easy, fun and can be very spiritually inspiring. In my opinion, there are two parts to making orgone:

  1. the actual physical process
  2. the intention you hold in your heart and mind while working

If you leave out part 2 while making orgone, it will still work, but not as well.


The Stuff you will Need to Make orgone

Metal Shavings

Easily obtained at any machine shop or recycle yard. Aluminum and brass are the most common. Steel is common and copper is harder to come by. I prefer copper, but any will do. You may want to inspect the shavings and see if they have any lubricant on them. Avoid shavings with lots of this if you can. It’s a nuisance, toxic, and takes away from a really clean, pure piece of orgone. If this is all you can get though, it will be all right.


You have a lot of freedom with the type and quality of crystals you use for your orgone. The more exemplary the crystal, the better results you will get, but even the roughest of quartz will make some great orgone so don’t think that you have to buy double terminated Lemurian seed crystals to have some good functional orgone. Also, the intention you put into it will make as much of a difference if not more. Simple quartz seems to work the best for making Tower Busters or Holy Hand Grenades. Other crystals can add certain quality’s to an orgone generator. Amethyst, Kyanite, Selenite and Garnet are great additions.


The best molds for Tower Busters are teflon or silicon muffin trays. Holy Hand Grenade’s should be made with a funnel that has the end cut off and sealed with tape. Paper water cups can also be used for Tower Busters. The cup will likely stick to the resin, so don’t worry if they don’t come out.


Resin can easily be purchased at a hardware store for around $35 a gallon. It should include enough MEKP (catalyst) for the whole gallon. You may need more catalyst if you are going to be making orgone in cooler than summer weather (read instructions for more guidelines on temperature variations).

Safety Equipment

Use gloves and a good organic vapor mask, even outside. MEKP is a nasty chemical by itself. Do not get it on your skin and always pick it up with gloves after it is open. Resin is also very toxic when wet, but just like plastic when it is dry. If you happen to get a batch that does not cure all the way, leave it in the sun for a couple days to a week.


How to Make Your Own orgone

Making orgone Tower Busters

Have all of your materials on a table and cover it with wood or paper if you don’t want the table to get thrashed.


Put a crystal in each mold. I like to add a little amethyst or selenite to energetically boost the Tower Busters.


At this point you can add some metal shavings to the mold.


Next mix up your resin and MEKP. If I have some really fine shavings I like to add a handful of them to the resin. This makes the consistency of the metal and resin more even. Please note: the best ratio is 50/50 resin to metal shavings.


Once the resin is mixed up, poor it carefully into the mold. You may need to stir around the mold to make sure that the resin gets into all the cracks of the shavings.


When all the molds are full and stirred, place the tray in a safe place to catalyze.

Using Intention

Most people are familiar with Dr. Emoto’s research in using intention on water as it crystallizes. Essentially, intention, sound and vibration have an enormous effect on the manifestation of crystals in water as it freezes (or resin as it hardens). Therefore, taking an intention and projecting it into the orgone as it crystallizes can be a very powerful technique to energize and strengthen the energetic effect of the orgone you are making. Furthermore, the crystal can also be programmed by holding it to your forehead and visualizing what you want it to do. All crystal programming should be done with unselfish intentions.

Working with Resin

Experience with resin can be very helpful. Here are some tricks I learned along the way. It is always better to over catalyze your resin then end up with a glob of sticky resin that will take weeks in the sun to harden. Sunlight will catalyze resin, therefore, it’s always better to make orgone during the day. In fact, in my opinion, you should only make orgone during the day. This is because it is a great benefit to let the light of our star touch these creations while they are curing and absorbing the vibrational quality of the crystals. Sun light is a cosmic energy, it is universal information. Light is the energy of life and will greatly enhance the strength of your orgone. When adding MEKP, do it very slowly preferably by drops and stir the resin a lot. Sometimes resin will catalyze a lot faster than you realize. This may happen because of too much catalyst or you are working in really warm weather.

Making an orgone Holy Hand Grenade

  1. Take your funnel, place it in a cup and add some metal shavings to it with a little bit of catalyzed resin.
  2. Place a nice crystal point down in the middle of the funnel.
  3. Fill the funnel almost to the top with metal shavings and place four crystals with points out around the base of the first crystal.
  4. Fill with more resin until everything is covered.
  5. Be sure to poke around with your stir stick to get the resin into all of the cracks.
  6. Charge with intention and place aside to harden.

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