Time in Form

The Time in Form collection are some of the largest orgone casts in the world that are designed to inspire and invoke a sense of divine connection through sacred image and form. This series was inspired by a compelling interest in Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Imagery. Studying the form and layout of these sacred images has been a fascinating way to understand their diverse meanings.

For many years, I have been working with these images and experiencing the subtle and sometimes dramatic effect they can have on a person’s consciousness. I have also found that by recreating these forms by hand, a tangible connection to the serene divine nature is formed in a lasting and non-verbal way.

Orgone Scupltures

Each sculpture in the series is made with combinations of high quality artisan resin and epoxy polymers, metal shavings of all types and sizes, metallic powders, and a rainbow spectrum crystals and minerals. This combination of materials is called “orgone” and has interesting physical and metaphysical properties. The Time in Form sculptures are resilient a durable. They are finished with a professional epoxy and will keep their high gloss finish for many years to come.

The series includes the meditating Buddha, the Flower of Life, Sri Yantra, the Hunab Ku (Mayan Yin-Yang), and the Meta-Star (my own design based on the geometry of Metatron’s Cube). The series was prepared throughout the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014.

The Heart Chakra Flower of Life

This image can be found all over the world, across history and time. Many books have been dedicated to its study and it is considered to be the foundation of all sacred geometry due to its use of the Golden Ratio and Vesica Picsis. The Flower of Life was the first creation and the launching point in the “Time in Form” endeavor. There are 90 vesica piscis or petals in its design which creates 54 arched triangles.

This Flower of Life is cast in steel shaving and gold leaf with Labradorite, Green Calcite and Adventurine. Each of the 96 vesica piscis contains a double terminated Quartz crystal. The inner arced triangles contain gold leaf, silver leaf, and bronze powder with Chrysocolla and Malachite. The triangles are phosphorescent green and blue.

Balancer of the Way Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra has many meanings including the fusion of the masculine and feminine, melding of opposite energies, and the creation and destruction of the Universe. As a Yantra, it is considered to be an “instrument” or “vehicle” for attaining heightened states of consciousness. Mediating on the center point of the Sri Yantra has been a practice for thousands of years.

The body of this Sri Yantra was cast with Steel and Copper shavings. It was filled in with a Bronze alloy powder. The detailed inlaid pattern are cast with gold leaf alloy, Sodalite and Red Jasper. The top layer has been coated with a green and aqua phosphorescent powder.

Ray of the Sun Flower of Life

This Flower of Life was cast in gold leaf alloy and glow powder. There are 90 double terminated Quartz crystals laid throughout its geometry. The inner ring of triangles is cast with Labradorite, then the a ring of Lavender Agate, followed by a ring of Selenite, and lastly Sodalite with Blue Calcite. This Flower of Life Disk gives off a wonderful shield-like feel to it due to the smooth concaveness of its shape.

Buddha of the Solar Moon

This orgone Buddha was named after the day of its completion. It was finished on the first day of the Solar Moon year when our Sun and the star Sirius are aligned in the Heavens. It features a Carnelian arc line, with inlaid Lepidolite, Chrysocolla, Aventurine and Turquoise. The Buddha is cast in Gold Leaf alloy and Glow pigment. The detail lines are cast with Bronze powder while the geometry of Metatron’s Star is cast with Copper and Steel shavings, Labradorite and metallic pigment.

Secret of the Buddha

The Buddha sits on his lotus petal cushion of Lepidolite and is free of strife while contemplating the nature of being. The right hand is raised, calmly pausing the constant flow of the activity from the outside world. The left hand is resting receptively in the Buddha’s lap, open to insight and understanding. The face of the Buddha is serene, eyes closed, attuned to the flow of perception within.

The body of the Buddha is cast with steel shavings and detailed with gold pigment (and glow powder). There are 28 double terminated Tibetan quartz crystals arranged in sets of 7 that run up the central axis representing the human chakra system. At the Ajna center resides the Star of Metatron , cast in gold leaf and inlaid with Sodalite. Through the efforts of visualization, this geometry fills the entire aura of the Buddha. Surrounding the head of the Buddha are flakes of Opal, Labradorite and Black Kyanite. The robes twinkle with the blue fire of Labradorite and the Buddha radiates green Calcite around its body.

Metatron’s Cube with orgone Elder Futhark Runes

This panel shows the full scope and geometric detail of Metatron’s Cube. The design is made by taking the primary 13 circles of the Flower of Life and connecting them in the center by a line. All the circles are connected in this way which creates a stunning image that embodies the form of all five of the Platonic Solids and is considered a blueprint for the creation of the Universe. The design is cast in gold leaf with glow powder, bronze and brass powder, copper dust, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Jasper and Magnetite sand.

The frame is cast in steel shavings with Tibetan Quartz, Turquoise, gold leaf and brass powder. Inscribed around the frame are runes of the Elder Futhark set, considered to be one of the oldest runic languages in the world.

Sri Yantra with Orgone Elder Futhark Runes

This panel was cast in Silver leaf and metal powder. There are Turquoise chips, Tibetan Quartz and Labradorite throughout the panel and frame. It also has brass shavings, gold leaf and bronze powder. The frame is cast in steel shavings with Tibetan Quartz, Turquoise, gold leaf and brass powder. Inscribed around the frame are runes of the Elder Futhark set, considered to be one of the oldest runic languages in the world.