We held our first Createshop at the recently established White Wolf Casting Lab in the fall of 2019. 


   The first day of this venture into the Alchemy of orgone creation we spent getting familiar with silicon mold making and other tips for making molds in general.  Each participant was free to search through our vast collection of designs library including various laser cuttings, 3d printed concepts and larger sculptural models to complement all the geometric ones we use .  The designs were sorted into appropriate trays that we made from scratch and then we went over the intricacies of working with silicon, its various mixing techniques and such.  By the end of the day, we had dozens of new silicon mold trays poured which would be ready to use the next day.

Silicon Molds are excellent for casting Orgone into.

See your creations come to life!!!

     The next day we went straight into de-molding the models from our new silicon molds so we could use them for casting.  As this was going to be the first day of casting, we started out exploring many of the different techniques using a wide variety of molds.  We also made a plan about the types of orgonites we wanted to make, whether pendants or charging plates, to pyramids or something completely unique.  Everyone enjoyed picking out crystals from our organized and sorted crystal collection.  Truly, so pleased to finally have the minerals organized in this way.  In the future though, I  would like to organize them by their planetary correspondences, as opposed to by color.

     The next day we expanded our casting journey into working with different kinds of epoxy. We also began discovering the different finishing methods available to us by the use of sanding equipment.  As the day continued, we were able to move along our pieces we had started the day before and even get a few pieces ready for finishing.

The last day was a busy one!  We had to make sure that everything that need to be cast was done so.  Mostly though our time was spend on our time on sanding pendants and putting on the last layers of epoxy to some works.  By the end of the last day, each participant had a treasure chest of finished and unfinished works but the knowledge and now experience to see each piece carried through to completion.