October 29th, 2006

Yellow Overtone Seed

Getting to know Grass Valley

Getting the orgone out in Grass Valley. It’s fun to be gifting in unfamiliar territory – trees everywhere, long roads with no idea where they lead – makes for fun adventures. Been getting to make some really nice pendants lately, and they’ll be up soon: Labradorite, Lepitolite, Fire Agate… stuff we’ve been holding on to for a while; now it’s time to create.

The Orgone studio is coming along great also. We’ll have some pictures soon. We’re looking forward to putting in a salt water fountain for storing and cleansing crystals.

October 20th, 2006

Blue Solar Eagle

Roerich Peace Pact Pendants

Finally started pouring again. It’s been about a six week break with the move and all since I’ve made orgone. The orgone that I did make in this short time has been exceptionally strong, some pieces I can’t even put down. I think it’s because of all this stored up creative energy I’ve got right now.

There are a lot of projects that I want to get too. One of them is the Roerich Peace Pact Pendants that will be available in a limited edition series. A year ago this month I made myself a pendant designed with a sterling silver peace pact. It is one of my favorite pendant, it has always received a lot of attention and compliments. The energy coming off of it is powerful. I use it to charge my food and water everyday. The design is the international symbol for peace. Surprisingly, the silver work in the pendant started turning gold. After a year, the difference is amazing!

  • Each pendant will get some of the finest materials we have:
  • Silver wrapped double terminated crystals.
  • Diamond Dust – super rare!
  • Mixed crushed crystal dust
  • Silver wire Tesla coil grounded in faceted lavradorite or tigers eye
  • Bronze shavings – rare
  • Meteorite Shavings – super rare!

Meteorite Shavings

The Meteorite shavings actually need some describing because they are so interesting. In the 1800’s a large meteorite landed in Africa. It was found by village people and was brought to the ruler of the land. He held on to it for some time but it eventually ended up in a museum. Many years later it was sold. Our friend Elliot, was asked by the guy who owned it to make it into bars. It was hard work, but Elliot got it done and kept all of the shavings from the process! The shavings are metal; Iron with Nickel crystals inside. They are really pretty with a burnt rainbow hue to them.

Beauty of Aging Pendants

One of the most interesting things about these pendants is that the silver will change color, becoming gold over time as it gets more and more sunlight. Is it possible for fine silver, inside an orgone generator, to transmute into gold over enough time? On the periodic table silver is directly above gold… Maybe in fifty years I’ll bust into this pendant open and we’ll test it. Until then, it’s doing me great. I’ll have some one or two available really soon. Look for them on the pendants page. They will be $150. If anyone sees one that they like, I can make it just for you, tuned with intention and 15hrtz while curing. Just pick a # and let me know. (1,2,3,6,7 are not available)

October 15th, 2006

White Self-Existing Dog

Interesting actvity over our freshly planted chembuster…. shark%20face

October 9th, 2006

Yellow Spectral Seed

Last week we did the Whole Expo in Albuquerque.  The show went great and we met a lot of really conscious people with love in their hearts.  There was a great response to the tower buster pyramid and the orgone obelisks.  Thanks Judy for the insights, generosity and the Kirlian Photos 🙂  We also started an email list for specials announcements and general news, sign up below…

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September 23rd, 2006

Yellow Galactic Star

Moving from Santa Fe, NM to Grass Valley, CA

Today was our last Artist Market in Santa Fe. It was great to get out one more time and see everyone. We’ll miss you guys! Thanks for all the love and support.

After more than a year in Santa Fe, we are moving to Northern California. It’s going to be a nice change. And our new studio promises to hold the space for making some of the finest orgone anywhere.