12″ Metatron Cube Charging Plate


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This charging plate is made with a gold leaf and glow cast of a very precise Metatron Cube design. It is inlaid with Malachite and brass shavings. Smooth front and back. The body is made with Steel shavings and 13 aligned double terminated quartz crystals.

Metatron’s cube is created by drawing the 13 Spheres of the Flower of Life and then connecting the center of each sphere together with a line. It represents anything and everything that can be created in the physical universe. This image shows us all five of the Platonic Solids in its geometry, the building blocks of all matter.

The geometry in this plate is cast with Gold Leaf and Glow Powder. Under the cube design, within each of the 13 Spheres, is a double terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystal.

The cube geometry in this plate is cast with gold leaf and glow powder. The entire geometry of the Metatron cube here is shown (no cut corners!). A marvel to view and hold and one of the most difficult casts we preform.

Whatever you put on a charging disc will taste better and give you more energy. These discs work great for doing that. Simply take whatever you want to energize and place it on the disc for a short period of time ( 5 – 25 minutes ). It can make wine that has been opened for a while taste like it was new. Medications and seeds can also be enhanced after sitting on an charging disk.

Water is more “structured” after resonating with charging disc, and this is great for you .

Through conscious crystal programming, we can structure water to obtain maximum harmony and synergy with our bodies. The use of orgone charging disc creates a frequency which can be modified by what type of crystal is used. The best way to transfer this energy is through spinning water over a disc so that the water molecules can get structured into a similar way the crystal is. Once the water is “changed,” it should be enjoyed as a sacred gift; the “water of life”.

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