April 23, 2008

Red Cosmic Serpent

We are home for a couple of days before our big show in San Francisco at the New Living Expo. If you are in the area, stop by and say “Hi.”

I promised to put up those 4 SP’s on the Radionic’s page but they have all been sold. I have a couple more that are wrapped but not cast yet. I’ll put those up and make them available for the internet by next weekend. Here is a picture of the 4 SP’s that I made last week. I was very happy with this batch.

April 10, 2008

Yellow Cosmic Human

Grass Valley Spring

The weather in Grass Valley is close to perfect now. Our pear orchard is in bloom and the trees are coming alive with bright green leaves. I am so thankful to live in the country, removed from city life. We have two new additions to our family, Lily and Kirra; eight week old pigmy goats. It’s hard to describe how incredibly cute they are. They play with Rocket and climb into our laps when we sit down. They are pure love.

BlueSunThe Sun is waking up.

Just in case you didn’t know, this January the Sun began increasing it’s solar activity. It will get increasingly more active until it peaks in 2013. This is the big push, now until 2013, to evolve, transcend, and ascend into a new paradigm. There is a ton of negativity on the web right now. Many people are focusing on gloom and doom. Remember to stay positive. There are a hundred reasons why it’s better to keep a disciplined mind, a clear head, and a loving heart. There are no reasons why it’s better to be negative. The Sun can be our example of always shining our light, and our warmth out to the world. This is in interesting picture of the Sun I found last week.

Okay, on to Orgonix news.

Succor Punch-a-thon!

I have been getting special orders for SP’s about every other week. I figured that the universe was telling me that I should make a batch and put them out there for the world. I’m just about done with four SP’s right now; check out the Radionics page for pictures and details.

Below is a custom SP that I recently finished for a close friend in SF. Really gives meaning to the words “power wand.” It has a great energy output on or off. As you can see, I have a nice ancient Lemurian DT wrapped with a mobius coil. On each end of the rod, I placed a blade of kyanite. The metal shavings are steel with an aluminum powder, and leafing of gold and silver. This SP is polished and shaped to the max. I’m very happy with it. It took a lot of hours of hard work and a lot of experimenting to get it right.

New Obelisk

I have been working on a new Obelisk which is almost completed. I am very pleased with it. I have spent many hours just thinking about how I wanted it to feel, look and what was its general underlining purpose is. I am calling it the Obelisk off Ascension. I’ll give a detailed report on it when it is finished. That will probably be sometime next week. Just in time for our shows in Portland and San Francisco.

We have been working on a lot of custom orders lately. I like to show everyone these custom orders because it’s a good representation of what we are up too. Plus they are always very unique and we put a ton of good energy and detail into them. Above is a new charging plate Roxanne and I made. We made a lepidolite spiral with copper powder that circles into the jade ankh. Below are a nine chakra dome set and a quartz dome with an activator plate made by Joel Wallach. You can see more of Joel’s stuff at www.artofplacement.com

That’s all for now. Peace out(wards) and stay positive.